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Jul 1, 2012 4:30pm PDT
be kind of fun for us to do, and for the rest of our lives. did you cook as well? no she does most of the cooking i'm the sous-chef. the sous-chef. i prepare for her and i clean up. that's it. he cleans up great. that's an important job. we met unusual, if i told you about how we met, it would take a whole other tv show. we met at my fraternity house and fell in love when we saw each other. manny and i have been married for 46 years, a long time, good times, bad times but our times. and we tried all kinds of things to keep our marriage going. keep it fun, exciting and different. were cooking chicken with edamame beans which are healthy. peppers, onions, and ginger and some spices, nothing too exotic. i don't cook with spices no one has ever heard of. did you mention chicken? i did. so it's a healthy dish. where did this come about, something in your family, something you came up with, or maybe two courses and combine them together? yes, yes, and yes. mostly i thought of it. (laughing) he didn't, he's lying. adrian and manny moved to connecticut after living in brooklyn, after too m
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1